Design History

Accomplishments that have been inactive, completed, and soaring above expectations.

  1. Xrosspath and BuyTogether

    Inactive Completed

    My Roles: Web Designer and Front-end Developer

    I'd like to say that both of these projects are progressions that are ahead of their time. Xrosspath is a social media app that brings people together when they cross paths. The app will trigger a notification whenever the users are near each other.

    BuyTogether is a web app that enables people who want to purchase a product to receive a discount through group buying.

    My first experience working for a tech company came as a graduate in advertising. Despite my background, the company was supportive and provided me with crash courses in HTML/CSS and UI design, demonstrating their faith in my abilities.

    • I have designed and developed web applications using the Django Framework (Python) and Blueprint CSS.
    • I have created and designed the architecture to ensure usability, accessibility, and optimized the web applications for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  2. ThePremiumPress

    Inactive Completed

    My Roles: Web Designer and Front-end Developer

    The scope of my work involved designing and developing websites using WordPress as the Content Management System. I also designed and conceptualized various projects, ranging from corporate websites to web applications. This was my introduction to WordPress, covering both the design of themes and front-end development.

    During my time at the company, I had the opportunity to work on ThePremiumPress, where I designed and developed it using WordPress MU and BuddyPress.

  3. JomSocial and Offiria


    My Roles: UI Designer and Front-end Developer

    After working with WordPress, I then ventured into the world of Joomla. Jomsocial is a powerful social networking component for Joomla! that allows users to create their own social network with video and photo galleries, event management, and other features that work seamlessly. It is the most capable community extension for Joomla!.

    My responsibilities included designing and coding newsletters and one fo the module for JomSocial.

    Additionally, I designed and developed the Offiria Application, which is a private and secure social network for use within an office setting. Offiria improves team communication, encourages collaboration, and promotes idea and knowledge sharing.

  4. Remote Health and Wellness Monitoring


    My Roles: Senior Media Designer

    The company's Zilant™ Wellness Platform integrates various health monitoring devices into a web-based ecosystem, wirelessly. The Zilant™ Management System is able to detect patterns, identify deviations from set thresholds, trigger alerts, and initiate video consultations.

    My duties involved designing the User Interface and User Experience for the care management application. This care management solution enables clients to take a proactive approach to their health, while engaging family members, nurses, and physicians from remote locations.

  5. Offiria

    CompletedAbove Expectation

    My Roles: Lead Designer and Front-end Developer

    I re-joined the company when they offered me the opportunity to work on government projects, specifically within the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. My role was to enhance the existing design to better cater to their needs.

  6. KATSANA Fleet Management System

    CompletedAbove Expectation

    My Roles: Product Designer and Front-end Developer

    KATSANA provides advanced GPS tracking and fleet management solutions for enterprise clients. They process large amounts of geolocation data daily to deliver cutting-edge tracking technology to the B2B sector through their products, including KATSANA Fleet™ for vehicle fleets, KATSANA Shuttle™ for public bus tracking, and KATSANA Marine™ for deep-sea vessel tracking in the oil and gas sector using Inmarsat satellites.

    My responsibilities at KATSANA included ensuring that the user experience needs were aligned with the platform's functional priorities. We designed a solid and improved interface for the new fleet management system platform to enhance the user experience.

    Additionally, produced several prototypes and participated in the front-end development process for the company's new platform.

  7. iCarAsia Limited

    On-GoingAbove Expectation

    My Roles: Senior Front-end Designer / Product Designer

    iCarAsia is more than just a vehicle website. We represent endless opportunities for buying, selling, and acquiring knowledge about both new and used vehicles. Join our network, which boasts over 8 million monthly users and growing.

    I was in charge of leading the design and front-end development for the new car details page and gladly to say that the updated user interface and user experience improved the performance metrics of the new car details page.

    Ongoing project would be working on enhancing the user interface and experience of our app current components within our design system.

    I am currently working on the improvement of the classified search form for One2Car, a product of ours in Thailand.

On-Going Remote Freelance

My Roles: Product Designer and Front-end Developer

During my free time, I manage my freelance product design and front-end development, engaging in various projects, with my most notable work being on PickFu and MyFundAction.

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