Classified Search Form for One2Car

Enhancing the existing Classified Search experience

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One2Car boasts a vast selection of vehicles and is a leading player in Thailand's automotive industry, specializing in used cars. They are revolutionizing the consumer-business interaction for automotive needs - from purchasing to owning and selling vehicles.

Currently, we are looking to enhance the search experience and help users to make the decisions quickly and find their right vehicles.

The Problem

The current search form is causing difficulties for users in finding their desired vehicle, as the flow is not user-friendly and includes confusing jargon and text. This leads to frustration and a higher rate of users leaving the site, resulting in lost potential sales.

The Goal

Improving the user experience and visual design of the search form aims to create a user-friendly, intuitive and functional form, enabling users to easily find their desired vehicles. This could include:

  • Simplifying the form layout and reducing the number of fields to be filled out.
  • Incorporating direct filtering options, such as brand, body type and price range.
  • Adding autocomplete functionality for the main search fields.
  • Designing the 'Car Discovery' feature, which guides users through a step-by-step process to assist them in finding their desired vehicle.

By achieving these goals, the search form will become more user-friendly and efficient, reducing the frustration of users and increasing the chances of them finding the desired vehicle, resulting in increased sales and satisfaction.

1. Simplified the form layout and reduced number of fields to be filled out.
2. Direct filtering options, such as brand, body type and price range.
3. Autocomplete functionality for the main search fields.

The "Car Discovery" feature (Find my Car)

Having a step by step process for buying a car can make the process easier, clearer, and more enjoyable for users. It can also help users make informed decisions and build confidence in the process.

  1. 1


    Determine users' affordability

  2. 2

    Brand (Car maker)

    Users select preferred car brand

  3. 3

    Car Body type

    Users' preferred car body type.


The Approach

In addition to following our standard procedures, we will also place a special emphasis on the following design approach in this project:

  • Simplifying language and providing additional information for products.
  • Streamlining the hierarchy and enhancing the structure of the form.
  • Continual optimization: Gathering feedback from users and analyzing data on the new search form's performance to identify areas for further improvement."
Classified Form - Desktop
Desktop view
Classified Form - Mobile
Mobile view

The Final Result

In conclusion, our product design efforts have resulted in the successful inclusion of all our planned goals. Despite facing limitations such as limited resources and technical constraints, the improved search form remains a key feature in the larger project of revamping the homepage.


Thank You!

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