Share2: A Bill Splitting App Case Study

Split Bills, Simplify Lives, Revolutionizing Expenses

*What you're about to see is a case study I've compiled for a design challenge and a product design project. Please note that it's not a fully functional product yet.


In this case study, the design journey of Share2 (Pronounce share-share) will be explored, commencing with the initial concept and progressing through the user journey. Additionally, the key facets of its design will be examined, with an emphasis on the principles behind its core features as necessary.

The Problems

  • Users struggle with the complexity of splitting bills, resulting in uneven contributions and inequitable cost-sharing within groups.
  • Lack of transparency and difficulties in debt settlement lead to disputes and hinder smooth expense management among users, requiring a solution for transparent tracking and simplified debt resolution.

The Goals

This case study tackles bill-splitting challenges by designing an accessible tool. The aim is to simplify expense sharing, promote fairness, and enhance transparency, benefiting users in managing shared expenses. These also could include:

  • Simplicity: Prioritize a straightforward and intuitive user interface for seamless bill splitting.
  • Equity: Ensure fairness in cost-sharing among all users.
  • Transparency: Offer clear visibility into financial contributions and shared expenses.
  • Efficiency: Streamline debt settlement procedures to resolve financial imbalances effectively.

Implementing these goals in the bill splitting app aims to simplify complex expense sharing, ensure fair cost distribution, boost financial transparency, and streamline debt settlement. Addressing these issues will enhance users' financial experiences and social interactions.

The Approach

The design approach is to create a user-centric bill splitting app. By emphasizing intuitive expense tracking, fair contribution calculations, transparent cost sharing, and simplified debt settlement. This approach ensures an app that meets users' needs, fosters equitable financial interactions, and promotes positive social connections.

Seamless Journey: From Registration to Bill Settlement

This journey reveals the implementation of its design objectives, ensuring a seamless user experience from registration to bill settlement, and explores Share2's core design elements and innovative features.

User Flow
The User Flow - Scroll Left

Creating Bills: Simplify and Split with Ease

Share2 simplifies expense management with efficient bill creation. Discover how Share2 enhances bill generation for a user-friendly experience, complete with innovative features.

Main bill screen displaying a list of bills to pay and bills that have been paid
Form with one-time or recurring payment options and receipt upload function
Select or add members to share the amount with
Input shared amount separately or evenly
Bill created successfully and will be associated with the group
The created group will be listed with its members and shared amounts
Bill Creation (Manually entered) - Scroll Left

Streamlining Bill Splitting through Group Creation

Share2 empowers users with the flexibility to set up groups for diverse objectives. Whether it's planning a group vacation with friends or efficiently managing expenses related to apartment living, including rent and bills, Share2 provides the functionality to streamline these collaborative activities.

Main group screen displaying a list of groups you're in and the groups you've created
Adding a title and description to the group
Select or add members to share the amount with
Input the shared amount and bill details within the group
Bill successfully created within the group
The created group will appear in the list with its members and shared amounts
Group details screen after successful creation
Group Creation - Scroll Left

Exploring Additional Screens

These additional screens introduce valuable features that enhance the overall user experience, ensuring smoother financial management and expense sharing.

Welcome Screen
Sign in Screen
Home Screen
Notifications Screen
Settings Screen
Profile Details Screen
Additional Screens - Scroll Left

Final Thoughts

In this case study, Share2's design focuses on simplifying bill splitting, enhancing transparency, and offering convenience. It adapts to various scenarios, making expense management efficient. Users can create bills, add receipts, and invite others with ease. The app promotes financial clarity, reducing confusion among participants. Share2 empowers users to streamline expenses, ultimately simplifying their lives.

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